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personal development, Uncategorized, Wellness

Everyday Hairstyles for Thin Hair

13-17yrs, 18 & over, career exploration, Education, personal development

Smithsonian Youth Development Program seeks leadership council members

13-17yrs, 18 & over, inspirational, personal development, Resources

Cursive Out: More than a Daily Planner

13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs

Khan Academy: A free educational website for students

13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs

Websites parents can use to educate their children

8-12yrs, civic duty

Career after College: Is this What I worked for?

13-17yrs, 18 & over

First Generation Society and College

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Treasuries as an Investment: Why Not?


Small businesses and their role in the economy

13-17yrs, 18 & over

Educational Sites and Parents: Creating a Plan


  Grocery Shopping activities for Mom and Kids

18 & over

Credits Card and the PANS Labyrinth

18 & over, 8-12yrs, civic duty, commentary

Diversity is a Verb Launches Live Chat for Youth


Fashion and Marketing Opportunities for Youth in NYC

18 & over, career exploration, Education, entrepreneurship, personal development, Resources

Fiscal Conduit- A tax-deductible way to raise funds!

13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, career exploration, civic duty

Chance The Rapper to Corporations: Invest in Students


Violence in Relationships: Teen Dating Violence Awareness

13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, Blog, commentary, Media, Television / Film, Uncategorized

Films that Restored My Faith and Made Me Happy

13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, career exploration

APPS That Give You Money for Shopping


Motherhood and Flexible time schedule