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Frugal Fun-Interesting Uses of Banana Peels

I always knew there was something about that yellow peel, its brilliant color never stopped me from tossing it, but I always felt I was wasting some essential goodness;


Use the inside of the banana peel to polish your silver ware, leather clothes, and leather couches. First remove the leftover stringy stuff, rub the inside of the banana on afore mentioned items, and buff with a cloth. Test on a small area first before taking on the whole coach, and your whole closet. (if you so happen to start swatting fruit flies… you can just:

Use the peels as a part of your nightly facial beauty regimen, just slap the inside of the peels on your face, laugh at the noise it makes, rub it in, and rinse off with warm water in the morning

Banana Peels can be used as an aphid deterrent, bury dried cut up banana peels 1 or 2 inches below the soil around the affected plant to keep those aphids away from your Garden.

You can also feed your Garden. Banana peels are great for compositing. Dry the peels, tear ‘em up in a food processor and scatter ‘em up on top your soil. Like the fruit itself, banana peels are rich in potassium (an essential nutrient for you and your Garden)

Use as a fertilizer to give new plants and seedlings a healthier start. (Careful not to use whole peels or the bananas themselves, else you’ll find evidence of a furry animal party in your Garden)

In many parts of Asia, they use banana peels to prevent from serving dry roasted chicken. Place banana peels on top of your roasted chicken to keep the meat moist and juicy, or you can just take the risk of your guests leaving with that verse from “Rappers Delight”  in their heads, “Have you ever went over to your best friend’s house and the food just aint no…”

Unknown-8Use the peel to whiten teeth, rub the inside of the peel on your teeth nightly for 2 minutes after brushing. Do this for 2 weeks, and you should start seeing results…

Use the peel to remove splinters. Tape or Band-Aid a piece of banana peel on the splinter (the inside of the peel facing down) the enzymes from the peel helps dissolve the splinter from your skin.

Banana peels also help relieve minor skin irritations/injuries such as poison ivy rashes, bug bites, acne, scrapes, bruises, itchy dry skin. Rub the inside of the peel on these affected areas. (Also see 13 uses for Olive Oil and 11 uses of Aloe Vera for skin care)

To rid warts, rub the peel on the area daily for about two weeks.

Treat damaged hair, puree 2 or three bananas, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (to lock in moisture) let it sit for a half hour. Shampoo (Stay tuned for NATURAL shampoo recipes)

These are great, but my favorite use for a banana is to eat it! And not just humbly, use that nana to make banana bread, banana pancakes, banana nut muffins and if you don’t have plantains, fry yourself some nanas! It’s just as good, in fact sweeter!  Let’s not forget my all-time favorite treat (which I make once a year-or upon request for my family) banana puddin’!! yumm J

Wait! You can also take the banana peel to the next level and get your romanticism on, in the morning, take your boo’s banana and carve your message with a toothpick, the skin of the peel will bruise by lunchtime, and your sweetie pie will see a message displayed in beautiful brown letters. Don’t you Love that?



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