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Free college textbooks available online!

Sample of website college textbook offerings.

Anyone who has attended college knows the cost of textbooks is one of the most overwhelming experiences. Many small scholarships are used to cover the cost of texts alone. To make matters worst, students have to wait until the first day of the course in order to purchase books and, often, the campus book stores sells out of the text a leaving many students scrambling. Thanks to a new website, there is now a free solution!

Bill and Melinda Gates with the help of several supporters have developed a website that will offer free paperless college textbooks to Professors and Students via Openstax College (low-cost print copies are also available).

These college textbooks do not infringe upon copyrights as the materials have been created by openstax college group of publishing professional and practicing academics. The online textbooks site has supporting materials, real time text updates, scope and sequence that meet the requirements of most college courses.

The Gates and other philanthropic foundations including RICE University, MaxFeild and Twenty Million Minds fund this free college textbook offering.

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