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Future Executives, Inc
Future Executives, Inc

1:41:52 AM: Future Executives is testing out the “Twitter live blog feed” for our site launch – let us know what you think!

1:44:01 AM: The test was a success — happy twittering kiddies!!!
12:31:56 PM: Please log into our online community at 9pm this evening to join us for a chat with our President, Simone Wahls – see you there!

6:25:02 PM: Log on to futureexecutives.org and RSVP tomorrow’s event with Tanja George who met and spoke to President Barack Obama while volunteering.

7:07:50 PM: Special Shout out to Cleveland (SUNY OL’) for featuring Future Executives on his website http://www.myoffices.com/resources.htm LOVE you!
12:27:52 PM: FE thanks you the site! By popular demand: Look forward to Navigation instructions coming!

12:29:32 PM: Shout out to the microwave nation! LOL

3:28:13 PM: FE’s Team is up but the President is feeling ill and cranky- uurrrh!!!

5:11:16 PM: join our social site at futureexecutives.ning.com/

5:15:43 PM: check out our Blogs and Kids Corner https://futureexecutives.org

3:40:06 PM: FE marketing teams is stirring up some videos for the website! Gotta keep the fingers on the pulse!

3:31:36 PM: Just finished uploading pics and connecting with networks!

3:35:54 PM: Check out our Wedsite! https://futureexecutives.org! and join our NING community(click on community on the site)

9:07:00 AM: Disney’s 1st African American Princess-TIme to celebrate? Not so much http://tinyurl.com/cn8b8v

3:40:26 PM: Bloggers NEEDED! ages 8-25 for https://futureexecutives.org send concepts, writing samples, questions to tiffanyg@futureexecutives.org

4:58:20 PM: Enjoy your weekend and check out https://futureexecutives.org

8:07:10 AM: Hey north east coast Future Executive tweeters! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

1:14:22 PM: Watching the NFL draft knowing my brother should be there read his story https://futureexecutives.org/wp-admin/page.php?action=edit&post=64

10:16:32 AM: Happy Mothers day to all the tweeters and their families from all of us at https://futureexecutives.org

4:09:27 PM: 14-24 and looking for a paid summer job? go to http://bit.ly/nLBda

11:36:10 AM: FREE Entrepreneurship panel in Brooklyn June 12th http://bit.ly/Xlr1v

8:05:08 AM: Future Executives, Inc. Presents a FREE Entrepreneurship panel in Brooklyn, NY June 12th check the link! http://bit.ly/Xlr1v

4:36:44 PM: Happy Fathers day to all the dads form the Future Executives, Inc. family!

8:37:43 AM: Check out our website and join our blog and social communities! https://futureexecutives.org

7:05:37 AM: Before you judge me, try hard to love me. The painful youth I’ve had. Have you seen my childhood? Michael Jackson We send our condolences

11:26:20 AM: “I believe in perfection.” Michael Jackson. Future Executives, Inc. are inspired by his legacy and will build great, compassionate leaders.

8:07:50 AM: We would like to wish Simone-Monet Wahls, our Founder and President a Happy BIrthday! Our Summer mentees report to duty Monday! Stay tuned.

6:44:45 AM: Day 2 for our interns will recap day 1! Next event http://bit.ly/140gXn

7:06:26 AM: We are looking for Bloggers and Vloggers for our website! Please contact us at network@futureexecutives.org

11:25:02 AM: We are looking for virtual volunteers! Please click on https://futureexecutives.org/volunteer/ for more details!

8:55:54 AM: We are looking for virtual volunteers! Please click on https://futureexecutives.org in the volunteer section… for more details!

11:33:57 AM: Did our President make a good choice? http://bit.ly/aovzq

6:39:47 PM: Future Executives, Inc. is gearing up for or events next week. Check out https://futureexecutives.org CNN event for more details. Tweetnite!

10:41:21 AM: Check out Asaru, our 8 year old bloggers blog! http://bit.ly/G0wMv
Is he the youngest blogger out there?

10:52:21 AM: FREE Distance Learning classes on Website building! Click on to https://futureexecutives.org events section for more details!

3:34:10 PM: FREE Distance Learning classes on Website building! Click on to https://futureexecutives.org events section for more details!

6:28:27 AM: We have new media footage! Check it out https://futureexecutives.org in the Media section! leave comments in the “tell us about it section”!

11:27:11 AM: Check out our media on Personal branding http://bit.ly/17PQih

2:32:41 PM: Great discussions and great conversations with strangers . . . http://bit.ly/gDyY1

9:47:59 AM: We are gearing up for our annual fundraiser! Very excited and very pumped! https://futureexecutives.org

4:17:46 PM: We are looking for Bloggers and Vloggers please visit our volunteer section https://futureexecutives.org

5:09:25 PM: We are working on our video and radio shows!

4:34:46 PM: Tiffany Gardenhire shares comments on the recession bluhttp://bit.ly/4daj9

3:08:44 PM: FE shares a great opportunity for 18 & over in NYC http://bit.ly/1UO6Ci

4:53:07 PM: We are now translating our content into over 40 languages . . . https://futureexecutives.org

6:47:49 AM: Become a volunteer blogger and reach over 40 countries in over 40 languages! https://futureexecutives.org

3:58:42 PM: It is all about YOU what do YOU need to get your biz on? contact us/tell us about it https://futureexecutives.org

8:47:25 PM: Our President & founder is in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. Wishing all the Harvard law grads good luck on their career interviews!

7:45:58 PM: Looking for radio and video co-hosts for our new shows! Send an audio and/or video sample to network@futureexecutives.org.

3:46:00 PM: View the Presidents speech on education, leave comments in any language (we translate!)

12:26:14 PM: Many are called and it goes to voicemail which allows the few who do answer to be chosen. . . .

5:06:14 PM: The Future Executive has to be ready for a global market r u ready?

6:06:50 PM: We are translating in 40 languages in over 40 countries! https://futureexecutives.org

5:00:52 PM: Happy 20th anniversary Future Executives, Inc! https://futureexecutives.org

5:07:38 PM: Future Executives, Inc. congratulates President Obama on being the 2009 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

2:41:40 PM: Virtual Volunteer, Ameiliaismore http://bit.ly/2S453o

6:48:04 PM: Living single- http://bit.ly/FW5KM

3:54:30 PM: Our Founder and President Featured on NBC’s video online website! http://bit.ly/1O5X8p

6:03:57 PM: We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King, Jr

4:17:32 PM: Looking for volunteer bloggers and vloggers for our website! https://futureexecutives.org click on volunteers!

5:40:22 PM: We here are focused on our upcoming radio show and games sections on our website http//futureexecutives.org.

11:28:08 AM: Happy Holidays! https://futureexecutives.org/contact/press-releases/free-entrepreneur-games/

9:17:04 AM: Our radio show coming in February. Tune in!

6:13:41 AM: We are preparing to support the long term support of Haiti via education and mentoring. Stay tuned for details.

4:03:50 PM: Please support the efforts in Haiti by donating to a charity of your choice. Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

11:02:01 AM: fE Network Radio Show on Future Executives will air 02/28. http://tobtr.com/s/890266 #BlogTalkRadio

4:22:19 PM: Happy 1st Anniversary to https://futureexecutives.org!

3:58:00 PM: Grants are available to help you start you own Business!-JUMP on it! http://www.businessgrants.org/

4:55:25 PM: Our President donated 200.00 to the efforts in Haiti. Rain and Hurricane season is coming! They need our help! Give if you can! ♥ ♥

6:11:47 PM: Please read our President’s latest blog on business. https://futureexecutives.org/2010/04/13/global-alignment-is-good-for-business/

11:15:57 AM: Become a blogger on our website https://futureexecutives.org/wp-login.php?r

1:35:37 PM: http://www.hitmakerscasting.com 5/15 NYC audtions 4 unsigned songwriters and producers to be on a Bravo reality show.

2:37:07 PM: Haiti is still in need read our President’s blog about Haiti https://futureexecutives.org/2010/04/13/global-alignment-is-good-for-business/

2:38:46 PM: Haiti is still in need. Read our President’s blog about Haiti https://futureexecutives.org/2010/04/13/global-alignment-is-good-for-business/

6:42:43 AM: Closing our Ning site. Join Future Executives, Inc’s site https://futureexecutives.org/wp-login.php?action=register

4:46:24 PM: NYC: The exam 4 Court Assistant appl. ends 7/13/10/starting salary is $44,504. U must apply online only Https://iapps.courts.state /Fee $30

9:08:25 AM: Our vow for world peace: “We make a commitment for peace in our personal relationships, our thinking, in our speech, in our actions

1:42:09 PM: President Obama asks for bank bailout money to be steered toward small business loans.

4:13:54 PM: Cut out and paste images and/or words on a piece of paper and create a vision board. Need Ideas? Contact us https://futureexecutives.org.

4:15:20 PM: Cut out and paste images and/or words on a piece paper and create a career vision board. Need ideas? Contact ust https://futureexecutives.org

3:49:13 PM: International humanitarian work in Haiti. There are various job postings Some pay, some do not. http://unjobs.org/duty_stations/haiti

2:19:16 PM: Our President is using free engineering tool “Audacity” to edit our upcoming radio shows. Stay tuned we are launching soon!

7:47:41 AM: We are at the top of all major search engines! Get your international visibility on! Become a blogger, vlogger on our web site.

8:48:04 AM: Check out Blackfoot’s blog https://futureexecutives.org/2010/06/30/the-adventures-of-hip-hop-kids-in-small-whirl-county

9:09:02 AM: Look at nine yr old Asaru, our virtual explorer founders profile and blogs! https://futureexecutives.org/kids-corner/virtual-explorer-asaru/

9:11:43 AM: 9 yr.old Asaru, a virtual explorer founder, has a profile & blogs click here http://bit.ly/9dnnnQ

9:16:40 AM: Register to be a blogger or vlogger on our website https://futureexecutives.org/wp-login.php?action=register

10:08:43 AM: Our non-profit web site translates 40 languages in over 40 countries. Be a blogger https://futureexecutives.org/wp-login.php?action=register

7:03:29 PM: 9 yr.old Asaru, a virtual explorer founder, has a profile & blogs click here https://futureexecutives.org/kids-corner/virtual-explorer-asar

7:17:03 PM: heck out Blackfoot’s blog https://futureexecutives.org/2010/06/30/the-adventures-of-hip-hop-kids-in-small-whirl-county

7:20:09 PM: Our web site’s content translates in 40 languages become a blogger https://futureexecutives.org/wp-login.php?action=register

8:07:53 AM: Grants are available to support your endeavors. Check them out http://www.grant

4:17:15 PM: BET film contestestant https://futureexecutives.org/volunteer/virtual-volunteers-corner/arts-and-entertainment/panelist-attika-j-torrence/

4:21:08 PM: BET film contestant https://futureexecutives.org/volunteer/virtual-volunteers-corner/arts-and-entertainment/panelist-attika-j-torrence/

4:42:43 PM: #BET film contestant https://futureexecutives.org/volunteer/virtual-volunteers-corner/arts-and-entertainment/panelist-attika-j-torrence/

7:24:14 AM: 1 of our VV’s running for congress http://bit.ly/bRYURk

7:29:21 AM: 1 of our VV’s running for office https://futureexecutives.org/volunteer/virtual-volunteers-corner/neighborhood-and-culture/joyce-s-johnson/

5:03:39 PM: See what he’s up to now https://futureexecutives.org/volunteer/virtual-volunteers-corner/arts-and-entertainment/virtual-volunteer-dana-dane/

5:29:12 PM: Want to learn how to start a biz? Check out our entrepreneur games section on our website. https://futureexecutives.org/media-library/games/

5:05:47 PM: Isha’s writing about her travel to Sierra Leone to meet her family. https://futureexecutives.org/2010/07/13/my-journey-to-sierra-leone/

4:46:08 PM: Tweet Greet from the FE Team @thejstandard @DarrellDavis @businesschik @reinvestormom @Raise_Capital @GregHsnoW @1smw4u

3:22:57 PM: Please take a look at our non-profit’s website https://futureexecutives.org & leave comments in our “tell us about it” section. Thank you

2:55:31 PM: Personal branding & marketing video by volunteer Eric Hamilton https://futureexecutives.org/media-library/marketing-and-personal-branding/

5:50:04 PM: RT @O_WR RT @futureexecs: Personal branding & marketing video by volunteer Eric Hamilton https://futureexecutives.org>>thank you for the RT

5:46:24 PM: The conference board says 45% of U.S. Americans hate their jobs. Be your own boss. Check out our resources https://futureexecutives.org

3:32:59 PM: Almost a decade later https://futureexecutives.org/2010/08/09/writing-and-waiting-the-chronicles-of-an-author/

4:59:26 PM: A throwback from our President on race & our 1st African American President http://bit.ly/b1uMk3

5:00:29 PM: A throwback from our President on race & our 1st African American President http://bit.ly/b1uMk3

9:48:17 AM: Researchers at #Northeastern & #Harvard viewed 300 mil #tweets during wk hours & found them depressing. Do you https://futureexecutives.org

9:54:02 AM: We’ve re-tweeted some of our Presidents most interesting tweets this week take a look at them on our page.

9:54:29 AM: Researchers at #Northeastern & #Harvard viewed 300 mil #tweets during wk hours & found them depressing. Do you https://futureexecutives.org

12:59:31 PM: Free IT Training for 18-24 year olds who live in the DC, MD, or VA, Providence , BA , NYC, ATL , San Francisco Bay http://www.yearup.org/

2:50:59 PM: Grants are available to help you start a business. Non-Profits get most $$ Make us your https://futureexecutives.org/about/fiscal-conduit/

2:40:05 PM: 18-28 yr olds: University of the District of Columbia offers FREE tuition & a job in 3 years. Ms. Beshon Smith Bsmith@urbanalliance.org NOW

5:40:19 PM: NY Newsday is hiring 34 new journalist!! BE 1 of them !! https://futureexecutives.org/events/ny-newsday-is-hiring-journalist/

3:42:56 PM: Check out our Presidents discussion on our past and future projects listen http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tears-to-triumph

4:47:51 PM: Got a business idea to provide service to the community & need start-up $? Ask about our fiscal conduit plan. https://futureexecutives.org

4:54:31 PM: What our President has to say about our Radio Show launching 10/3/10 https://futureexecutives.org/2010/09/27/full-circle-fe-network-radio/

6:48:43 AM: Our Radio Show launched midnight today! Listen 2 our 1st show & give us feedback! https://futureexecutives.org/media-library/fe-network-radio

2:38:24 PM: “Imagination is more important than Knowledge.” Albert Einstein enhance your imagination https://futureexecutives.org/media-library/games/

4:23:10 PM: Kate’s blog about who inspired her art installment in Puglia Italy this summer. https://futureexecutives.org/2010/10/11/spiders-and-castles/

2:54:14 PM: RT @BlackLatinoFilm We’re opening our 6th Annual Brooklyn Indie House Film Festival with a gala on Fri, 10/15: http://bit.ly/ayqbB4

7:30:25 PM: Next Installment of FE Network Radio this weekend https://futureexecutives.org/fe-network-radio

8:03:52 AM: FE News and Events – http://eepurl.com/bw8Sr

11:23:46 AM: #NYC FREE entrepreneurship courses for aspiring and existing http://www.mec.cuny.edu tell them Future Executives, Inc, sent ya.

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