Motherhood and Flexible time schedule

Balancing Motherhood and Work:

One of the key challenges women face today is balancing work with motherhood. Many companies continue to look at motherhood as a burden than a positive factor. As a result, many women opt out of working and make raising children their priority.


However, there are women who choose to work from home or create flexible work schedules. These women have the opportunity to be a part of both worlds and are highly motivated to perform their best.

Benefits of flexible time schedules for women:

They are also highly productive, work more efficient and have an easier time multitasking  . They are also less likely to take time off for family reasons. In my opinion, it would benefit employees to have this option because they would retain a valuable part of the workforce.

There are also other advantages of working from home, which include some of the following:

1. Save on gas

2) save on time of commute

3) better work life balance

4) Less stress about work environment

If you are a company with working mother take some time to consider the benefits for both you and them. More productive women equals more success for the company.



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