Online Learning: Schools’ Response to Covid

The global pandemic has brought tremendous changes to life for everyone. One major change has been in learning. Students had to transition to online learning to keep themselves and their families safe. 

What is Online Learning Like? 

Students have to use conference call apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for school. They meet with teachers during normal school hours and are assigned work like normal school.  This makes it hard for students to interact like they would in normal class. However, apps like Zoom and Microsoft teams have features that make learning online better. 

Challenges Brought On: 

This new way of teaching has also presented many challenges . It requires students to constantly have available internet access. It has become a disadvantage to those who do not have the required technology. As a result, many students are deprived of a proper education. In addition, there are also many distractions that could affect students. For example, students could easily skip class and neglect their school work while at home. Lastly, there’s the challenge many parents face with younger kids. Many parents have to go to work, and it can be a problem if they don’t have anyone to watch the kids.

Even with these challenges, though, online learning has been a great solution to the COVID pandemic. 

Results of Going Online : 

The situation that we are currently facing has brought important changes to the educational environment. Students, teachers, and parents are now valuing education more than ever. Never before has a situation like this presented itself. Changes brought to learning have shown the perseverance of teachers and students. 

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