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Who knew that writing a letter to Spike Lee would lead Winsome Sinclair to a path of success in 3 days?  “I come from a small town in Long Island. I enjoyed doing theatre throughly,  I wasn’t a performer . I love more of the producing and directing and all the back stage stuff. . . . I planned to go back to long Island to get a job in insurance or banking  . . .”  She is one of the most successful African American casting agents with an incredible journey. Winsome

“What do you have to offer? I can show you better than I can tell you . . .”  Joyce faced many challenges as a young supervisor. Many doubted her ability to succeed in a mostly male corporation. Haters were her motivators. Not only did she prove the doubters wrong by developing an arsenal of skills, Joyce has been able to adapt her skills in many areas. She is competitive and sets out to win. Joyce Johnson shares tools from her kit as she takes us on a non-traditional path from corporate america to various fields in public service.

“It’s funny. The money was good but I really didn’t care for telecommunications. . . it just seemed like God wanted me in that field for whatever reason.”, says Kamau Austin.  He now specializes in search engine and social media promotion working for both small companies and multimillion dollar firms. Kamau also has over 25 years experience in the technology and marketing fields working for Fortune 1000 companies. Mr. Austin is also a cancer survivor ands the parent of a child with autism. Listen to him share elements of his resilient spirit.

“Outside of my mother, hip-hop has made me what I am today. It has taught me how to deal with different people and cultures and has set me up to do lots of things”,says hip-hop legend Dana Dane. One of hip-hop’s best writers and storytellers, discusses how his writing skills have expanded to books, film and television. Dana

“It’s the perfect marriage.” Cheryl discusses her elaborate marketing background and the story of how she began dance training at the age of 29, is a professional dancer, trained others and worked with renowned choreographers.  She is currently meshing her talents to produce “The Stars of New York Dance” October 12th 2010. Cheryl Toddman

“I was born to do this,” says Robin One door opens and enters Robin who instinctively was doing “this”. “O is that what you call this?”, was her response when told she was good at Public Relations. Robin discusses the many avenues of Public Relations, the importance of technology in the scheme of things and how her reputation placed her current gig in the palm of her hand. Robin Caldwell

“I just knew I would get fired.” Buck 3000 discussed his journey of how his desires to be an artist lead to music engineering and producing.  He also shares the mishaps and almost career ending mixing experience that propelled his very first project into a Billboard chart topper. Buck 3000

“Hey, I like this,” says Tiffany who was a temporary employee when she learned about the field of Human Resources.” In 2013, she started her own business HR Empowered . She gives insight into outsourcing career opportunities and discusses compliance laws that anyone who is starting a growing business with employees should be aware of. Tiffany Gardenhire

“There are lots of opportunities in Community Activism.” During Darrell’s 30 plus years, he has obtained a large and varied network full of politicians and celebrities who offered all kinds of career opportunities. There were many who laughed at then candidate for President, Mr. Obama, who proudly referenced his community activism as vital experience.  Darrell discusses the vast paths that are available. Darrell Davis

“Any field of human endeavor is gonna have its setbacks, those moments where you doubt why you’re doing it . . . ” Jayson is the square peg who refuses to fit in the box and doing quite well. How? He is in tune with his intuition and follows it with certainty. The man behind the historical Lauryn Hill project and Tony award winner Sara Jones tells us about his multi-dimensional path and why crying is healthy. Jayson Jackson

“People started coming to me asking me about comedians, and who, where etc. and I said HEY! People get paid to this this stuff.” Talent has been began as a Comedian but is now a “Jack of lots of trades”. Actor, writer, producer, star basketball player, radio personality, agent, promoter and O-yeah comedian Talent discusses how he have leveraged his many crafts and why comedy is essential to the soul.  James “Talent” Harris

“I prefer to be a filmmaker because you are an employer.  As an actor, you are always waiting for the next call.” Attika fell into filmmaking as a result of wanting to create projects.  Independent Film NY and Monologue Slam creator discusses the ups and downs of being in the film making business.  Attika Torrence

” . . . I started noticing a similar message in the books that I was reading  . . . They were all saying that you had to have more than one stream of income,”  says Hurricane Katrina Survivor Dwana. She shares her inspirational story of weathering the storm after the disaster, rebuilding her life and developing several streams of income–one step at a time.  Dwana Makeba

“You never know what door you’re going to go through. So if you can’t get through the front door as a model, then see if the side door is open or the basement or the roof.” says Modelocity owner Belinda Trotter James.  Belinda discusses how she helps some America’s Next Top Model vote-offs take their next steps and why she was not meant to be a supermodel. Belinda Trotter James

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