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Smithsonian Youth Development Program seeks leadership council members

NMAI Youth Leadership Council (YLC) Program Application

The Youth Leadership Council(YLC) at the National Museum of the American Indian, New York   is a volunteer and youth development program for high school and college students ages 15-24. LEARN from cool exhibitions, museum staff, artists, and cultural experts to deepen your knowledge of indigenous culture, art, and history!

PRACTICEcreative and career-readiness skills while working with kids and families during our fun “1stand 3rdSaturday Art + Tech Labs”. Collaborate and take the LEADwith other YLCs to plan your own workshop or event at the museum centered in indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and contemporary issues. Be part of an awesome community committed to transforming how and what Americans are taught about Native people and cultures!


YLCs must commit to one school year: October 2018 – June 2019, including:

  • Meeting every 1stFriday of the month, October 2018 – June 2019 (3:30–5:30pm)
  • Volunteering every 1stand 3rdSaturdays: Art + TechLabsOctober 2018 – June 2019 (3 hour shifts)
  • Additional Hours TBA, such as for training, guest speakers, etc.

YLC Applicants should be:

  • Ages 15-24
  • Able to positively engage museum visitors and support hands-on, project-based learning!
  • Interested in exploring different topics in Native art, history, culture, science, and technology..
  • Interested in gaining professional skills such as communication, networking, and team-building skills.
  • Interested in engaging local youth and supporting youth-centered dialogue

Apply now!

Please complete application and email to Joy Liu (Liuj@si.edu)– you may also request an email version from network@futureexecutives.org

First Name Only: ____________________________ Age:_____ Email: ___________________ Cell: ______________

School: __________________________________ Grade/Year: __________ Major: ___________________________

  1. How did you hear about this opportunity? Future Executives, Inc.
  2. Collaboration and community are essential to the NMAI YLC Program. Why do you want to be a part of the council, and what would you bring to the group?
  3. What is your favorite type of art and/or media? Why?
  4. What type of career/s are you most interested in, or curious about? Why?
  5. Which political, social, or environmental issues are you most passionate about and why?
  6. Are you part of any special groups or extracurricular activities? Please share!
  7. What are you most interested in learning about? What are you least interested (what do you find BORING!!)?
  8. Are you available to attend (check for yes – and save the date)!


___Training ongoing

___Training and Meetings every 1stThursday of the month,  @4–6:30pm

___Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month October 2018 – June 2019 for 3 hour shifts!

Emergency Contact Name: ___________________Relationship:________________Phone:__________

 Applicants under 18 years old:

 To parents/guardians, you acknowledge that your child has applied and reviewed the information above. We will be contacting you and your child with program acceptance and information by August 16, 2018.

Please contact Joy Liu, Education Specialist 212-514-3710 / liuj@si.eduwith any questions or concerns.

Guardian Name: _______________________________ Guardian Phone Number:__________________________ Guardian Email:_______________________________

Guardian Signature:_________________________________________ Date:_______________________

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