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United Nations celebrates 75th anniversary with call to action!

In the mist of this Global Covid19 pandemic, the United Nations (UN)  is seeking help with planning our world’s future. Ahead of the September meeting with leaders from all around the world, UN has created the largest global conversation ever! The United Nations 75 (UN75) survey is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to participate in shaping future Global missions.

Help United Nations leaders do better

During a USA Webinar, Special Adviser on the preparations for the commemoration of the UNs’ 75th Anniversary, United Nations Secretariat, New York Fabrizio Hochschild spoke with members and special guest of the United Nations Association.explains, “We are asking think tanks and Universities about [what should be] UN priorities. The plan is to present “critical contributions on how to do better. Although “Regional concerns and priorities vary a bit, it is time leaders of the world address concerns of the people.” 

Current polls show common Global concerns

So far, survey polling shows many of the top four concerns around the globe like healthcare and climate change are Global Citizen connectors. Hochschild disaggregated early data findings; There is greater optimism from young people and the greatest optimism by region (thus far) is in Asia. 

Hochschild and Pittman during webinar 4/15/ 2020: Image courtesy of United Nations Association

Every opinion matters

Most importantly, the UN wants every willing human being to know their opinion matters. The UN75 survey takes about 10 minutes. The impact will affect the next decade of UN missions. Whether you are a supporter of the UN or a critic, now is the time for you to be amongst those who will shape our world in the decades to come! During this most somber time in world history, take a moment to imagine the future you want to see. As Rachel Pittman Executive Director of the United Nations Association of the United States of America stated, “2020 is the start of the decade of action!” Be a part of that action!

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