Autumn Robinson

Autumn, a Cambridge, MA native, is no stranger to hard work and perseverance.  Her passion and dedication is reflected in her many outstanding accomplishments and knack for taking the music industry head on.

Currently holding the position as Release Planning and Operations Coordinator at EMI, Autumn is responsible for scheduling and overseeing the pre-production and production process for EMI Label Service’s Third Party Labels.

As a young girl at the tender age of 10, Autumn knew exactly what she wanted to do, “Mom, when I get older I’m going to a black college, working in the music industry, and not coming back!”  While looking back, it was a humorous statement; Autumn’s goals and path were set at that moment.   Holding on to that rare gift and uncontrollable passion for music, she set herself on the path to make her childhood dreams a reality and enrolled in Hampton University.  Within the first week of classes Autumn immediately set out to become a viable part of the Hampton University WHOV-FM staff.  Ranked #12 among College radio stations in the nation, Autumn rose to the rank of a Music Director immediately.  While simultaneous training to become an on-air personality, she held the title of Blues Music Director.  The following years, Autumn moved on to become the stations Urban Music Director, Training Director, and later held the only paid student position at the station, Operations Director.   During college she also served as the College Marketing Rep for the Neptune’s Star Trak Entertainment, representing artist such as The Clipse, Pharrell Williams, and more.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Communications (Advertising), she moved back to Boston to save up money; 6 months later, she picked up and moved to NYC.  With no job or apartment, but possessing an infinite amount of tenacity and ambition she landed a Reception/Researcher position at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI).  Continuing on her path Autumn began developing industry relationships which lead to her landing a job in A&R Administration at Bad Boy Records a year later, where she contributed to projects such as The Notorious Soundtrack, Day 26’s “Forever in a Day,” and Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris.”

While currently at EMI, Autumn spends her spare time developing her organization, The World Famous Lessons in Jazz Series, which focus on Black Music preservation and bringing awareness to its evolving relationship between hip hop and jazz through education, music appreciation and scholarships. She is also currently a member of the New York Chapter of the National Urban League and lends her time to support numerous community service organizations.

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