Babatunde Odesanya


Founder and CEO of the Black & Latino Filmmakers Coalition, LLC.

Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Computer Technician, Computer Programmer, Cinematographer, Executive Producer, Desktop Publisher, System Integrator

Babatunde has over 20 years experience in computer technology, graphic design and film and video production. At the age of 25 the self-taught computer “guru” was co-Founder of OBE Computer Services in Brooklyn, New York. The store was a visionary at its time, providing the community with services that were unavailable in the community at the time.

Odesanya left OBE in 2000 to begin African Studios, an interactive production agency whose mission is to design and develop innovative digital solutions that inform, educate and engage audiences. With cutting edge digital solutions from his IT, Design and Production studios, Odesanya has been the technological backbone for a variety of businesses. African Studios also spawned, an online television station which aired from 2000 to 2004. This venture featured local business, music, lectures and video game shows.

Odesanya’s work with independent under-represented filmmakers of color led him to create the Black Is Beautiful Independent Film Festival in 2002, and the later in 2004. With his ongoing desire to help filmmakers of color, after continuously witnessing their exclusion in the many film productions in his community, Babatunde founded The Black & Latino Filmmakers Coalition (BLFC).

The BLFC is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the development of Independent Filmmaking. Through promoting and furthering the interest of its membership, BLFC works to supply Black and Latino independent filmmaker’s broadened access to the components necessary to produce, distribute and profit from their projects. To date, BLFC members have screened over 200 and produced over 20 films.

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