Robert W. Temple III aka Young Trip

Robert W. Temple III, also known as Young Trip, was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn on June 11, 1989.

Trip, born in to a music-rooted family, has been dabbling with instruments since he was a child: At age 6, Young Trip showed interest in the keyboards and by age 8 he played keyboard melodies, learned to program sequencers and eventually made his own beats. By 10, Trip arranged two tracks and called them “Traitor” and “Stay Focused.” These two tracks were the fire that started his 900-track and growing catalog.

What makes Young Trip stand out from other accomplished producers of the pop and urban markets [outside of his age], is that virtually all of his instrumentals are sample-free, not an easy feat to accomplish in an industry that commonly relies on re-released hits to succeed. His works have their own gravitational pull on listeners, (no disrespect to chronic samplers). Young Trip’s production style makes him a contender to be reckoned with in today’s abstract music marketplace.

Of course, Young Trip’s father Robert Temple II, who is a musician who tours with his cousin Wonder Mike and the legendary Sugarhill Gang; his brother, Bad Boy Entertainment platinum producer, Garrett Blake and his mother Judith, who is an accomplished guitarist, all served as a tremendous influence to this super producer in the making. Young Trip is poised to change the landscape of our evolving culture with his cutting edge originality.

*Trip supplied the music for our Comedy w/ a hint of Charity Gala Promos featuring High Profilers.

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