Robin Winter

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Robin (Manager of Video Content And Programming at Atlantic Records) obtained an internship at Atlantic while pursuing her undergraduate degree.  Recognizing the importance of networking in the music industry, she developed a relationship with the VP of Video Production, Yolande Geralds who later became her mentor.  Wh Born ile obtaining her Bachelors degree in Film at Brooklyn College, Robin was offered and accepted the Video Production Coordinator position at Atlantic.

Robin was the liaison between the Video Commissioner and numerous Directors, Reps, and Production companies, playing a major role in facilitating new relationships with up and coming directors and production companies for various Atlantic projects including Atlantic’s number one artist B.o.B. Her new role as the Manger of Video Content allows her to produce Interviews, Live Shows, behind the scenes, and other content. Her years of experience and networking in the field have combined to promote and produce the Visual, On-Air, and Online Branding experience that Atlantic Records has become known for!

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