Brian J.T. Watts


N.1.S. Management is dedicated to providing education and entertainment that is free from profanity, pornography and slander.  Our artists, whether they are speakers or performers, are grounded in the idea that a motivating message should not be peppered with negativity. Our main goal is to reach the youth of our time (12 – 30) and educate them on how to be positive, productive and motivated.  This, however, is not to the exclusion of those who may find themselves outside of this age range.

Recently, One Mind Ministries speakers have been instrumental in the mission of the Harvest Outreach Program in Nashville, Tennessee and in many churches across Nashville.  Andale’ has been travel through the south spreading his message to middle school students and church youth groups in Nashville, Clarksville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hopkinsville, etc.

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