James “Talent” Harris


Don’t take none of this personal “IT’S JUST COMEDY”

After headlining his own comedy shows/tours, making special appearances on BET’s Comic ViewHBO’s SnapsDef Comedy Jam, and landing a coveted spot on New York’s 98.7 KISS FM’s Morning ShowTALENT has most definitely lived up to his name.

His exceptional blend of off-the-cuff humor and timely delivery have catapulted him to the top of an impressive list of “must know” comedians.  Deemed the official “King of New York Comedy,” TALENT continues to headline at the prestigious Caroline’s on BroadwayShowtime at the Apollo and BET’s Comic View, on an ongoing basis.  The unorthodox comedian most known for reminding fans that…”it’s just comedy!” continues to bring audiences to their knees with his hilarious improv and his inimitable knack for storytelling.

The young, New York humorist began his comedic journey about 9-years ago, and is still going strong with an ever-growing catalog of projects under his belt in radio, television, film, journalism & music.  TALENT has appeared on the big screen working alongside such famed actors as, Danny Devito, Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo, and Michael Rappaport.  He has also appeared in the movies, “Sunset Park”, “Full Court Press” and “A Brother’s Kiss, ” and on various music albums including multi-platinum selling projects (The FugeesThe Score” & Wyclef Jean’sThe Carnival”).  TALENT has also loaned his voice to national commercials & spots for other celebrities including, producer-rap superstar, Missy Elliott.  The multi-dimensionalTALENT has also exercised some of his other exceptional abilities including, a brief stint as a contributing writer for one of the largest urban/hip hop magazines in the world.  TALENT’s column, “Joker’s Wild” appeared in The Source Magazine, where he interviewed famed comedians from around the world.

Destined to become one of the funniest, most successful talent’s in entertainment world, TALENT’s comedic gift stretches far beyond the stand-up circuit.  While he continues to hone his craft on the stage, performing to sold-out audiences around the country, his innate ability to captivate listeners with his clever observations on everyday life and the realities of just being human helps make him one of the most sought-after young comedians in the business.  TALENT breathes life and laughter into our daily worlds as part of New York’s own, 98.7 KISS FM Morning Show.

Further diversifying his audience, he again proves to live up to his name as one of the most admired radio-personalities in New York City.  Now with a loyal audience and a nation-wide buzz, TALENT is currently rolling-out a new string of projects that include, acting, endorsements, development deals, and television scripts.  Additionally, the impromptu actor/comedian is releasing one of the most anticipated comedic albums in a long time, entitled, “It’s Just Comedy.”  The album includes hilarious comedic performances by TALENT and also features guest comedians and popular music artists.  The album is slated for a FALL 2004 release.

The comedian who constantly prompts us to not take all this too serious, because…”it’s just comedy!” speaks the truth while forcing us to laugh at those truths…good, bad or ugly…IT’S JUST COMEDY!

TALENT currently resides in New York City.

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