Akema Johnson-Day

Akema Johnson-Day is a certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, who shares her gifts with the world through seminars and her non-profit company named “The Seventh Seal Group”.  She provides Life coaching as well as career counseling and a plethora of educational workshops for individuals and communities. Akema, the self titled Passionologist, only months away from her PhD in Psychology, advances forward by creating her own vocational theory called PPS “Passion, Purpose and Success”; which gives individuals a variety of techniques and therapeutic strategies that assist in self exploration and career identification.


To add to Akema’s expertise, she is a certified Guidance Counselor for the state of Georgia and has worked in the post educational system as an Admissions/Academic Advisor for over 10 years. She states, “I have met hundreds of individuals who wanted a mere job or seeking a career path for all the wrong reasons! That’s what inspired me to become a Life Coach.  I wanted to help people discover their true passions.”


Prior to becoming an Educator, Akema’s first passion for singing, forged the way for her career as a recording artist and television host (for a local network).  As a credited writer, she also wrote and produced several treatments for television.  The former Recording Artist, aware of the enormous pressures associated with being in the entertainment business, Akema frequently visits with neighboring schools to speak with youth about making good decisions and the importance of integrity.


Currently working as an Intervention Support Specialist for the Atlanta Public Schools System, she admits, working with at risk youth has been one of her most challenging but rewarding endeavors. To add to her  list of accomplishments; she served in the United States Army Reserves, is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and  a sponsor for children with cancer through St. Jude hospital.  Be on the lookout next fall for her inspirational book, board game “Ultimate Passion” and new product line.  It’s all About the Passion!

Visit her website www.Lifecoachday.com
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