Juan “Young Juan” Rivera

My name is Juan “Young Juan” Rivera from Miami, Florida. I specialize
in research and development, costume design, and film. For the past 10
years, I have had the honor of working with wardrobe stylist Groovey
Lew. In working with Groovey, we were able to develop a systematic way
that would allow us to recreate the image of an artist. This system
allowed me the opportunity to research and forecast trends. Research
also consisted of me sourcing new fabrics and researching the
different techniques of how the fabric can be utilized. Examples of
this systematic recreation can can be recognized in the wardrobes of
artists such as Lil Wayne with his “baggy clothes look” evolving to
now the “skateboard look” or Rick Ross’s “street corner look” evolving
to now a “God Father mob boss look.”

In addition to fashion, I enjoy filming and photography. More
specifically, I enjoy shooting experimental projects, commercials, and
creative photography.

Some of my career path highlights include my best friend and I taking a world tour in 2007. My best friend, Barrington Irving, became the first African-American and the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft. On this voyage, I filmed and photographed every step of the way. Our purpose in doing this flight
was to inspire children to know that anything is possible.

In 2010, I had the opportunity of creating the costumes for Ritz Crackers to be used in a Super Bowl commercial.

In 2011, I did the research and development for P. Diddy’s personal wardrobe.

Working with some of the greats of our time has inspired me to keep pushing the boundaries of the fashion world.

I enjoy the creation of new concepts.
*Juan Created The Comedy w/ a hint of fashion Charity GalaLogo and is sponsoring the volunteer TEE’s for the event!

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