Trevor Mcleod

treveor-mcleod_dsc00455My name is Trevor Mcleod I am an a journey men (aka an electrician) for local union #3 in Queens, NY. I have been doing this work for 20 years.  I was Born in Manchester, England and migrated to the  country of Jamaica with my Grandmother at the age of 5.   Soon after, I moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.  At 16, I graduated from Prospect Heights high school in Brooklyn with Diploma in math.  RIght after graduation, I wanted to joined the military but I was under 18, so I had to get my father to sign for me to enter.  At The Age of 17 I entered the US Army and was accepted to the Ranger school and  served in the Grenadian conflict called Operation Urgent Fury!   After 4 years of service, I attended New York Technological school.  I majored in Electrical Engineering with a speciality in subways and high risers-both carry high voltage.  I am also internationally certified to work in confined spaces with lead and asbestos.  High voltage work the most dangerous job in the world because it requires you to work with the highest voltages possible.   I am member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), which a big deal and hard to get into.

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