James Tunde Olowokere

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James Tunde Olowokere a.k.a Milwaukee Buck a.k.a. Buck 3000, is a seasoned
music industry veteran. For the past 12 years, he’s worked with some of the
industry’s biggest stars. In 1998, he graduated from Institute of Audio
Research. While attending IAR, he landed his first position in the music
industry as an A&R assistant at Penalty Records. Simultaneously, he worked
as an assistant engineer at the venerable Unique Recording Studios. In just
one year, he was promoted to senior engineer and began a lucrative freelance
career working with artists like Mariah Carey, Pink, LL Cool J, just to name
a few. Although his talent for pre-mixing and mastering reverbs and delays
was becoming renowned in the industry, it was a chance meeting with Irv
Gotti that led to an opportunity to work on Ja Rule’s biggest selling album,
3:36. He vibed so much with Ja Rule and the rest the Murder Inc. crew during
that experience that he joined the company as an in-house engineer and
producer. While at Murder Inc., he engineered for everyone from Jennifer
Lopez, Ashanti, Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys to Jay-Z, R. Kelly and Fat
Joe. He also tweaked and perfected hits like Ain’t it Funny, Always on Time,
Foolish, Happy, Rain on Me, Rainy Days, Wonderful and New York, New York.
Currently, he still works with Irv Gotti creating music for new and
established artists. He also recently created his own company and musical
movement, AfroWave Inc., a conglomerate of Nigerian American artists who are
bridging the gap between American and African hip hop and soul music.

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