Tony Dawsey


Growing up in Spanish Harlem, Tony Dawsey has always been involved in the arts. Even at a young age, music had a mesmerizing effect on him. It followed him through school and onto the stage as he toured the East Coast performing in a musical revival. In 1980 Tony started working in the mailroom at Masterdisk as a way to support his way through photography school. One thing led to another, and eventually he put the camera down in favor of, what he calls “the icing on the cake.” He’s never looked back. In 1987, Tony mastered his first #1 multi-platinum selling album and single for the soundtrack to the hit film “La Bamba.” That smashing success paved the way for Tony to apply his extraordinary talents to countless multi-platinum and Grammy winning albums. His work with artists such as DMX, Kid Rock, Method Man, Redman, Nine Inch Nails, Whitney Houston and Jay-Z (nine of his platinum disks, including Blueprint 3) has bolstered Tony’s reputation as one of the most sought after mastering engineers in the music business.

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