Reynold Brockett

Reynold Brockett corporate solider turned Entrepreneur is the by product from Caribbean parents whom had dreams of creating a better life for their children. His dreams of reaching the entertainment business started at an early age from working heavily in the church as a youth minister. While growing up he was forced by his parents to seek the medicine filed like so many other Caribbean natives whom have come to the states for a better living.

Reynold was exposed to the world of entertainment through his cousin sneaking him into live taping of shows. While in High School he showed his love of the entertainment world and business through helping create Talent Showcases at East New York’s Transit Tech High School. He helped choreograph stage productions and handled behind the scene audio and visual effects. That love also earned him School Presidency due in part to his continuing love of networking and eagerness for business.

His Junior year at Transit Tech he was chosen for a position to work with Congressman Ed Towns whom introduced him to a position as Junior Assemblymen representing Mr. Towns at the Junior Black Caucus where they figuring out arts as part of the state’s School Curriculum. Through this privilege he was introduced to executives in the music business and was able to forge some positive network relationships. The love of entertainment didn’t stop there with his passion for politics but, it help create a platform for him to garner a opportunity at Emmis Broadcasting’s 98.7 Kiss-FM which introduced him to Mr. Jay “Mixing” Dixon whom saw the love of the industry and decided to mentor him. Which allowedReynold to seek a possible career in Radio.

Through the unique relationship with Jay he met producers, artists, and Deejay’s such as  Dj Enuf ; Dj Red Alert, Dj Funk Master Flex. Through this time Reynold gained knowledge of the music industry through his friendship with Jay. Jay and Sting International teamed together to do the Reggae show on Sunday evenings from 3pm to 6pm he was asked to do help work the show on Sundays. Forging a working relationship with Sting International which helped him understand the world of mixing and performing in live venues.

Reynold took a break from the world of working behind the scenes a little further landing an internship at Def Jam Music group and lasting for about 2 years then taking a break from the music industry. While working in the field with seasoned veterans of the industry he decided to give his time to the Military and his nation. After which time he later found out he had leukemia which prevented him furthering his military career. After countless Professional jobs ending on sour notes he responded to an ad that Mista Wells posted about the Entertainment business and since then have worked together to form Girlz Get Hott When Wett, LLC.

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