Darrell Davis


Darrell Davis

The Internet Changes The Game!”

For nearly thirty years, Darrell Davis has been a highly respected and successful community activist throughout the state of New York. He can proudly point to millions of dollars in youth programs that grew directly out of his political activities. He also has organized numerous community forums on such diverse issue as youth violence, education and world peace. In addition, Darrell has been the host of the very popular Westchester County based radio program “Our World” which has been on the air for over 15 years.

Today as a writer and entrepreneur, Darrell continues to lead, teach and guide, mostly young people, down the road toward progress with his newest project “Honor Black Wall Street” which promotes the internet as a way for African Americans to succeed in business and education.

Darrell is also the founder of the Annual African American Day in his hometown of Peekskill NY. He has promoted several “Rap Against Crack” and “Stop The Violence” events decades ago before it was fashionable. In addition, Darrell has been hired by numerous nationally known figures as an event organizer.

Activist, writer, promoter, event organizer, entrepreneur and radio show host, Darrell Davis is available as a guest speaker on the following topics: Personal Development,Youth MotivationThe Internet Changes the Game and Honor Black Wall Street: The Other Road to Freedom

For more information about Darrell, or to book him for an event call 1-877-332-3667.
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