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Websites parents can use to educate their children

This is a question which plagues our society every second of the day (what is the question?). To strive that perfect balance is the dream of working parents. ( Do you mean work life balance is the dream of working parent?) Our society is slowing moving towards both parents working or needing to juggle erratic(busy?) lifestyle. In this age parents have continuously resorted to outsourcing their children’s education. (what do you mean by outsource?  Online tutoring? in person ? Names like Kumon and other franchise have stepped in this vacuum and created a business out of it.( what do these companies do?)
But there is a set of parents who believe in incorporating skills which they feel can be more effectively achieved with more one to one attention.(how?) Services like Kumon although give quality material but still feel commercial and not personally invested in the children.
These parents have a need and goal to be as actively involved in their children’s education at least till elementary education level where they feel confident enough to teach their kids.(make this more clear)

Alternative Teaching Sites:

Websites such as Education.com, jumpstart.com, teachlingo.com are the next alternatives towards which parents have been turning towards.
These websites provide compiled worksheets, workbooks, pre compiled lessons plan making easier for parents to pick and choose. Teachers and children caregivers personally create these sheets. Some websites even carry certifications. Education.com even charges monthly/annual subscribtions for  being able to print these sheets. Paid sites offer more high quality sheets, they make it easier for Parents to chart their children progress. Parents are able to generate custom workbooks based on academic challenges and requirements of the child. This way parents are able to help the kids to work on their strengths/weaknesses according to their flexibility. They come in especially handy for parents who are homeschooling their kids since these studies material are being carefully created by educators and researchers who have studied children behaviors, officials who have been part of school system, even incorporating parents feedback.
Today’s Teachers in school are bounded by curriculum, and rules and regulations. This curriculum although developed after a thorough process might not be the best fit for everyone. Supplemental education sites help in bridging that gap and with parents intimate involvement a child feel more motivated and grasp the concepts better.

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