What Is Bits Pilani? Is It Good For Computer Science? 2023

In this essay, we will examine whether entering BITS Pilani is worthwhile or if it is an overrated college by examining all of the positives and downsides of joining BITS Pilani in depth.

I discovered all of the benefits and drawbacks of Bits Pilani College by interviewing hundreds of Pilani grads, engaging with them on forums and social media sites, and conducting extensive research, therefore the material in this essay is highly legitimate and real.

What Is Bits Pilani? Is It Good For Computer Science? 2023

What Is Bits Pilani?

As a deemed institution, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani) was founded in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. There are campuses for the institute in Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad, and Dubai. There are 328 acres of land covered by the BITS Pilani campus. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has granted grade A accreditation to Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. BITS Pilani is placed third in the pharmacy category, 26th in the engineering category, and 17th in the university category in the NIRF Ranking 2021.

The BITS Pilani curriculum offerings include Ph.D., M.Tech, M.E., M.Pharm, M.Sc., M.B.A., and P.G.D. degrees. For admission to its programmes, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani accepts BITSAT, BAAT, BITS HD/GATE, M.B.A., BITS HD/GPAT, and BITSAT results for B.Tech., B.Pharm., and M.Sc. On campus, there are amenities including dorms for boys and girls, libraries, sports facilities, fitness centres, swimming pools, cafeterias, auditoriums, medical/hospital facilities, IT infrastructure, labs, and guest rooms, among others. The BITS Pilani placement committee aids in matching students with reputable companies.

Is joining bits Pilani worth it or overrated? Pros & cons

BITS Pilani is without a doubt one of the greatest engineering institutions around, and it is well worth your time to attend if you have the opportunity.

Some of the reasons why BITS Pilani is not overvalued but highly worthwhile are as follows:

  1. Admission to these colleges is based only on academic merit, with no regard for caste or management quotas.
  2. There are some regulations, such as 0% attendance, and students can design their own timetable, which distinguishes it from other engineering colleges in our nation.
  3. This institution offers excellent infrastructure and amenities for students, as well as outstanding instructors and professors.
  4. They also provide excellent help and encouragement to entrepreneurs and enterprises.
  5. They also have a 90% placement rate, and the average pay of a college graduate is roughly $25 LPA.
  6. These colleges are well-known throughout the world, and the parent campus of BITS, at Pilani (Rajasthan), has a collaboration with MIT of the United States. As a result, if you graduate from BITS Pilani, you will have more influence and opportunities to study in many foreign universities, because the tag of BITS Pilani graduate can help you a lot, just as the IITian tag would help you in future studies and opportunities.

This institution has also been recognised with an A grade by NAAC, and it is the only college that has been included among the top 200 private universities in Q’s finest engineering colleges in the world.

You should enter this institution if you are financially solid, competitive, and have a lot of self-discipline because the college costs are fairly pricey compared to other colleges (scholarships are available) and the BITS Pilani admission test is also quite difficult due to limited places.

Now that you know why Bits Pilani is unquestionably a fine institution to attend and is not overvalued, let’s look at why you should and should not attend this college by examining the pros and negatives in depth.

Why you should and should not join BITS Pilani college (pros and cons of BITS Pilani)

Why you should join BITS Pilani college, Pros of bits Pilani

Merit based admission: The main advantage of BITS Pilani College is that you can get admission into this college based on your merit score you get in the bitsat entrance exam. They don’t have any management quota either, which is common in many government and private engineering colleges in our country, so only the best students can get in the college because admission is based on merit.

Scholarships are offered: although they are also depending on the student’s performance on the BITSAT admission test, their performance in the 12th grade, if they are physically challenged, or both. Scholarships are also given to students whose family’s total yearly income is less than Rs. 8 lakhs.

Dual degree programme: Students in the programme will have the chance to work toward a second B.E. degree under the dual degree programme. This assignment is determined by a competition based on each student’s first-year performance at BITS, independently, across all of its campuses in India.

Support and encouragement for startups: BITS Pilani has a fantastic culture for startups and entrepreneurship because to the large number of entrepreneurs who have graduated from its institutions and its spark angel programme, which provides funding for these startups.

Zero Percent Attendance Rule: This is a well-known rule at BITS Pilani College. It states that attendance is not required, with the exception of a few required labs and projects, and that students are free to choose whether or not to attend class. As a result, students have more time and freedom to learn new skills in addition to attending class whenever they choose.

Great infrastructure and amenities are also available: including clubs, gyms, labs like OLAB, restaurants, and cafeterias. There are also indoor sports stadiums and cricket fields. computer labs in auditoriums centres for communications hospitals, health care facilities, kitchens, and libraries banks of workshops

Excellent hostels and meals for students: Even though this falls under infrastructure and facilities, the hostels and dining options offered to BITS Pilani students are significantly better than those at other top engineering colleges. While students frequently complain about poor hostels, bathrooms, and dining options, this is not always the case at BITS Pilani College; in fact, many students give the college’s infrastructure a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is quite good. You can read the students’ reviews of the college’s infrastructure here.

Students are permitted to make their own schedules: Another intriguing aspect of BITS Pilani is that if a student is uncomfortable with the schedule or class times, they have the opportunity to design their own schedule and choose their own classes and lectures. This is what sets BITS Pilani apart from other engineering schools in our nation.

Great faculty: Even the faculty and professors at BITS Pilani are excellent because only the best professors with high knowledge and educational qualifications can join BITS Pilani and they also get high salaries so they are very interested in teaching subjects to students as well as being very caring and interactive with them.

Numerous clubs and festivals in college: There are many student organisations you can join at BITS Pilani, including the Vishwakarma Club, the Business Analytics Club, and the Finomaniacs. Additionally, the college hosts numerous fests in a variety of genres, such as Bitsmun, Oasis, Apogee, etc., which allow students to network with their peers and develop crucial skills like teamwork, leadership, negotiation, communication, and other soft skills.

Excellent pacement offers: Since pay is ultimately what counts, we shouldn’t ignore the salary offered by BITS Pilani College. In 2013, the highest package a student could receive was 1.4 crore, and this college places 90% of its graduates into jobs with an average salary of 20 to 25 LPA, which is higher than the average for engineering schools in our nation.

Focusing on internships is crucial because they allow students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. BITS Pilani offers a programme called practise school that gives students the chance to put what they have learned into practise in reputable organisations while being supervised by a mentor. Students in this seven and a half month programme work on leading edge technology and have the option of practising in their field of study or in interdisciplinary fields, This flagship curriculum not only prepares students for jobs in positions requiring multiple talents but also gives them the chance to obtain a PPO, The Practice School Division chooses the students and assigns them to a firm using a merit-based allocation mechanism.

Why you should not join BITS Pilani college, Cons of bits pilani.

Higher fees: One of the main reasons why most students choose to avoid this college is the cost. According to the BITS Pilani price schedule, applicants must pay Rs. 39,800 as an entrance fee and Rs. 1,78,000 for Semesters 1 and 2. It will cost you around 18 lacs to receive your education from BITS Pilani college for 4 years, including the education and hostel charges. This is a staggering amount of money, but it is occasionally justified because it has no connections to the government as it is entirely private. The second year’s fee is $194,500, and the third year’s fee is $21,500.

Challenging exams: BITSAT is the entrance exam for admission to BITS Pilani; more than 3 lakh students apply for these seats, which are only available on 2000 different campuses, including BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, and BITS Hyderabad. This exam, which uses multiple-choice questions and is only offered online once a year, gives students just two chances to take it and pass it in order to be admitted.

College rules and regulations: There are certain regulations at this institution, including a 0% attendance requirement, and students are allowed to choose their own schedules. However, this may occasionally be a disadvantage because it requires discipline and effective time management, which not everyone is capable of doing.

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