What STEM subject is best for you?

Interested in STEM? Learn about some STEM topics to see which one you like the best!

Computer Science

Do you find yourself using logic everyday while completing tasks? Computer science may be for you! Additionally, having an interest in solving problems and correcting small errors is a plus! You may enjoy doing so while going through lines of code. Also, if you find yourself wanting to express your creativity visually, computer science is an excellent way to do so!


Chemistry is perfect for individuals looking to explore the complexities of the building blocks of matter and the scientific laws that “govern” how particles move around and react. Moreover, this subject allows you to intertwine math and science to understand certain scientific laws, like gas laws. It is also a great subject to pursue if you enjoy challenges. Chemistry can get difficult at times, but overcoming those difficulties will ultimately let you value the subject even more. You will also be able to participate in exciting and interactive labs and experiments along the way!


Interested in getting a solid introduction to lab science? Take up biology! You will be able to learn about and understand how organisms develop, live, and interact with other organisms. Biology is excellent for anyone interested in working in medicine, dentistry, or scientific research.


If you enjoy learning about conceptual topics, then physics is for you! Physics has many concepts that can be used in the real world. Aspiring engineers and automobile designers are just some of the professionals that use this subject in the real world. You will also be able to get hands-on experience through physics as well!


Economics is the perfect STEM subject for those interested in applying their mathematical skills to the real world. Interested in predicting financial trends, studying historical economic events, or analyzing data to find patterns? Economics encompasses all those activities! This is also a great subject for any young students looking to explore their interests. Economics also involves political science, mathematics, and psychology.


Interested in learning about behavior and the processes we use every day to make decisions? Psychology is perfect for you! Students can learn more about how the human brain functions, processes information, and makes decisions. You will also be able to learn about psychological theories while researching on your own. Psychology can even be explored at home through small-scale experiments and inquiries about people you know.

Environmental Science

Environmental science is a great mix of biology, chemistry, and earth science. You will learn about current environmental issues like global warming, the use of earth’s natural resources, how ecosystems interact within themselves and with other ecosystems, and so much more. This is a great subject for individuals who are interested in politics. You will be able to participate in exciting experiments that teach you about resource consumption, climate change, and pollution.

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