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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Volunteering Today

Volunteering is not only good for helping your community and building a bond with your neighbors, but it helps you too! It is an amazing way to develop and become an even more appreciative person. Here are four benefits of volunteering that help with your professional journey and personal growth.

Volunteering Jump-Starts Your Resumé and College Applications

As you work your way through high school, volunteering has become increasingly beneficial to help you stand out from other students. Don’t get me wrong, grades are super important, but nowadays, you need to have more than just good grades. Volunteering is a wonderful way to show your ability to manage your time between activities.

There are so many ways you can volunteer in high school too! If you are involved in sports, try looking into mentoring an elementary league. Instead, if you are looking more to use your schooling, become a volunteer tutor. If those don’t fit your interests, don’t worry! The opportunities are endless, you just might need to look a little harder for some of them. An amazing resource is VolunteerMatch. They help connect you to nonprofits in your area and even virtual work that allows you to volunteer with companies outside of your community! It is a wonderful way to gain volunteer experience and try new things!

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Volunteer to Appreciate What You Have

Volunteering is an amazing way to open up your eyes and see the world around you. Sometimes we forget all the amazing things that we have going for us in our lives. Volunteering is a great way to help you remember how thankful you should be. It allows us to see all the resources we have that we can now use to help those in need. Volunteering your time and talent will allow you to express gratitude for all the things in life that you have been blessed with! It’s important to realize that one day you might be on the receiving end of someone else’s help.

Appreciating what you have is a significant life lesson. Volunteering also aids in learning how much you can do! You can make a real difference in the lives of so many! Volunteering will help you acknowledge what you have and what all you can do to make this world a better place for everyone. Be grateful for what you have and use your talents or passions to benefit others!

Volunteering Helps You Develop Life Skills

Just like a job does, volunteering will help you learn skills that will be beneficial in your future. Depending on what you do, different skills will be acquired, of course. Some volunteering, like making calls for the Red Cross for a blood drive, helps with your communication and phone skills. Phone skills are so vital, especially with future over-the-phone interviews!

Communication, in general, is a super important skill to master. Other volunteering can help aid you with this development. Soup kitchens, volunteering at church events, mentoring, and lots of nonprofit work will help you continue to improve your communication skills as you hold conversations with strangers and gain confidence for future unfamiliar settings.

Other skills that volunteering contributes to are organization, time management, and collaboration. Your position might require you to help clean up a space, thus improving your organizing skills which is applicable to other areas of your life. Time management can be learned through being on time, but it is also developed at a soup kitchen setting where you have a time frame of cooking and serving food. Collaboration will be present in many volunteer opportunities. Learning how to work together with others is essential for your professional life!

Life Fulfillment Through Volunteering

A lot of people experience a time in their life where they feel like they have no purpose. Find your motivation through volunteering and helping others! Being able to make an impact on someone else’s life plays a huge part in feeling like you have done something in your life for the greater good. Being selfless will help remove the focus from you and what you feel that you lack. Then, you will be able to put that emphasis and effort into benefiting the lives of others. Get the most out of your life and start volunteering today!

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