Woh Toh Hai Albela 20Th January Written Update | Episode Update

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Woh Toh Hai Albela Overview

Woh To Hai Albelaa is a Hindi-language television drama series that debuted on March 14, 2022. It is aired on Star Bharat and is available for digital streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab appear in the film, which is produced by Rajan Shahi under Director Kut’s Productions. It is a remake of Star Vijay’s Tamil serial Eeramana Rojave.

NameWoh Toh Hai Albela
Written Update Date20Th January, 2023
DirectorRajan Shahi
GenreRomance, Drama
StarringShaheer Sheikh, Hiba Nawab
Woh Toh Hai Albela 20Th January Written Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 20th January Written update

Saroj spots Rashmi come home and inquires about Nakul, as they had all gone to the shrine together. Rashmi says he went to work and asks whether there is anything to be concerned about. Saroj claims Kanha and Nakul used to enjoy each other a lot, but now they can’t bear one other; she believes her household will fall apart if this continues, and she wonders if Nakul was unkind to Kanha in the temple.

Rashmi claims that even Kanha was unpleasant to Nakul, that she did not meddle between brothers but felt unwell, and that Saroj should not be afraid since she would clear Nakul. Saroj hopes her boys may settle their differences once more. Rashmi believes she will continue to invent variants and govern Chaudhry’s house.

Rashmi comes to her room to discover her toddler inconsolably wailing. Indu inquires as to where she is because the youngster is sobbing incessantly. Rashmi screams furiously that she could have asked staff to provide milk for the newborn or obtained it herself as an alternative of bothering her, that she is tired with her kid who always demands her, and many others.

She claims her child is a problem without delay, and Sayuri… Daadi mausi overhears her and inquires as to what she means. Rashmi begins her emotional drama by saying Sayuri would have always supported her and dealt with her; she misses Sayuri terribly and is unable to deal with home without her. Daadi mausi consoles her and says she is dealing with her home more effectively.

Yasdh approaches Kanha and informs him that Sayuri has not married Vikrant and has attempted to prevent their marriage; she is Kanha’s Sayuri and is concealing the truth for a reason. Kanha decides to face Sayuri and walks toward her house. Sayuri believes she has only seven days to liberate her daughter from Vikrant’s clutches and records this in her private notebook.

Kanha approaches her. Sayuri yells why did he come straight here despite after her caution. Kanha urges her to stop her drama since he knows she is Sayuri and insists on her returning with him. She declines. Kanha makes his pledge and insists on her simply accepting that she is his Sayuri. Sayuri accepts that she is Kanha’s Sayuri. Kanha is overjoyed and wonders why she was hiding the truth all along.

Sayuri tries to elucidate but Vikrant appears and says it’s pointless to speak about a lifeless individual. Sayuri begs Kanha not to say it and instructs him to go from there. Kanha inquires as to what is going on. Sayuri, according to Vikrant, breached a commitment and is struggling as a result. Sayuri clutches his collar and yells he can’t try this.

Vikrant informs Kanha that he killed Kanha and Sayuri’s daughter since Sayuri breached her commitment. Sayuri awakens from a dream and praises God that it was only a nightmare. She believes she can save her daughter and defeat the demon Vikrant by preventing this nightmare from becoming a reality.

Kanha begs God to give him the courage to persuade Sayuri to return home. Sayuri begs God to help her reclaim her daughter and return to Kanha. They both take turns playing shank. Yash approaches Kanha and assures him that he would follow Vikrant’s every move like a shadow.

Kanha claims that they only want to show Vikrant one hint. According to YHash, they will undoubtedly expose him. Nakul will be envious of their connection and stair slips. They all flock to him, all involved. Yash is pushed away by Nakul. Saroj is aware of this.

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