Zinc: How important is it for the body?

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Zinc is very important for building a stronger immune system against diseases. The zinc level in your blood tells you a lot about how your body fights foreign bodies.  

            It is one of the most abundant and most important minerals needed for the body’s functional activities. In addition, it is found in every cell in the body – similar to iron. However, zinc belongs to a class of minerals called essential minerals. Essential minerals come from our food. You can also get it from supplements. Some of the foods containing high levels of zinc include meat (beef, chicken, turkey, pork), egg, milk, yoghurt, cheese, fish, beans, chick peas, lentils, nuts, etc. Nutrition

            This mineral is an important nutrient needed to facilitate the body’s cell growth and division. It aids with cell growth and division which is an essential component of the body that facilitates wound healing.

Previous research activities, showed people with acne/pimples have lower levels of it in their blood. Therefore, it is also an essential for skin freshness and anti-aging. Skin rashes and roughness are some of the signs of zinc deficiency. Experts suggest that using zinc supplements alongside acne medication like tetracycline or antibiotics like erythromycin can help clear the skin of acne. These supplements also play a vital role in helping people with eating disorders gain weight..

However, taking too much of this mineral can cause an imbalance in the body because other nutrients would, in turn, be deficient. The body can take in a certain amount of each nutrients per day. Therefore, Zinc should be sufficiently acquired from daily food consumption in the right proportion (balanced diet). That is why moderation is important.


            Recently, a research study suggested that zinc can protect people from the effects of COVID-19. That is because of the anti-viral immunity support it provides the body. In addition, it is capable of blocking the replication of rhinoviruses which are responsible for respiratory infections. Another study showed that most of the COVID-19 patients used for the study had an interestingly low level of the mineral in their body when compared to those who didn’t have COVID-19.

            In the SARS outbreak that occurred in 2002, scientist found that zinc was a blocking agent for the enzyme that caused the replication of the coronavirus that caused the outbreak. Although there is not enough information and research data to support zinc and its relation to COVID-19, it can still be helpful to sustain a normal zinc level in the body to reduce ones’ susceptibility to respiratory infections. This is why sprays and natural cold treatments have it. The best way to build a body with good immunity against infections and diseases is by maintaining a good zinc level in the body. Your zinc level could have an important role as it could determine how well you fight against infections and diseases.

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